Writing Fiction – and Getting It Published

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In this class, students will learn about the elements of FICTION WRITING through a series of in-class exercises, as well as some assignments to be done outside of the class.

  • Exercises will include writing dialogue; writing action and description; creating strong and memorable characters;  writing fiction and non-fiction; getting a better understanding of plot and story structure; and more. 
  • Students will do some in-class exercises, then try their hand at writing a two short stories and a few pages from a novel.
  • You’ll have opportunities to share your writings with the group, and to get feedback from others in the class, and from the instructor. 
  • You’ll learn how to copyright your writings, how to get published, and how to make money as a writer.   

Nils Osmar, instructor, has written stories, articles, stage plays and screenplays, and has taught writing classes and other course for over twenty years. He has written and published poems, magazine articles, short stories, stage plays and screenplays. His short story collection, The Hungry Time, was published in 1996, and was featured on public radio.  It is available on Amazon.com


“I liked the combination of handouts, presentation, discussion, and reading student writing for feedback. The combination of all of these separate tools helped reinforce concepts and make each two hour session productive and varied. Nils makes the classroom comfortable for people at all levels.” – J.F., Bellevue (scroll down for more student comments)

What a wonderful experience your writing class is!  I was amazed at what I was able to produce in this short time, and I feel much more confident about what makes an interesting short story.  The tone you set for the class was so constructive and instructive that you brought out the best in all of us. Thank you so much for this enriching class! – Marianne N., Seattle

Hi, Nils: You may not remember me, but a few years ago I took my first-ever creative writing class with you …. The class had such a profound impact on me that I immediately applied to graduate programs to pursue a Master’s Degree in creative writing. I was fortunate to be accepted to a wonderful school in Los Angeles, and recently graduated with distinction. I have also completed my first novel, and many times throughout the writing/editing process, I would sometimes hear your voice in my head saying, “Show, don’t tell,” and, “Watch for excessive modifiers.” 

I also teach English now, and I’ve realized how meaningful it can be to hear from students who have valued your instruction. To that end, I want to thank you for giving me my first “push” and encouraging me to continue doing what I love. I plan to move back to Seattle in the coming months, and I hope I’ll run into you sometime so I can thank you in person. I hope you’re continuing to teach and to inspire.  Sincerely, K. Bashaw

Thanks again for the writing class this quarter. I found your comments on my stories, and other students’ stories, helpful and to the point. You said what you thought, but without trashing anybody. I also appreciated being able to hear other students’ comments on what I’d written. – Megan C. (Edmonds)

I liked the format, and the chance to things aloud…. hearing my own stories was an eye-opener. Just hearing them, I could tell when they were working or where the cuts needed to be. It was also great having a chance to get so much feedback. – Bill K. (Seattle)

I spent two years not writing and getting ragged about it. I have to say that during your class I started writing and I’ve been writing my b_lls off ever since. It worked for me totally. – Andy J. (Seattle)

I loved your class. – J.L., Seattle

Thanks for a fun and interesting class. I appreciate how you value each student for their individual voice and style, and how you encourage and bring out the best in each of us. I always learn new and effective ways to look at things when I take one of your classes… – Barb B. (Bellevue)

Thanks for an excellent class. The exercises were enjoyable. It was a pleasure to be in such a creative group.- Marylin H. (Bellevue)

I took it because I was “stuck” in journaling, and wanted to shake myself loose and open up my writing abilities and inclinations in some new directions. Your suggestions and comments were great. I’m unstuck. Thank you!!!! I’ll be back in the fall to take the class again. – Marie L., Lake Forest Park

I found this class to be both fun and educational thanks to both Nils and everyone in the class. -M.L, Seattle

Suzie and I had lunch together today and we were commenting on how much we appreciated the gracious and respectful manner in which you taught the class. We both feel SO thankful to have ‘happened’ to have chosen your writing class, and we want to say THANKS NILS! The group you’ve birthed and created has lots of energy! (We’ve formed a writing group and are) plan to meet every 2 weeks. – M.C., Seattle


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