Seattle Improv Classes: IMPROV 101

  • Improvisational acting is a fun and energizing form of live theatre in which the dialogue, plot and characters are made up in the moment. It’s acting without memorizing and without scripts.
  • Sometimes improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience – other times they seem to pull a story out of mid-air.
  • Doing improv is a great way to improve our ability to think on our feet and stay focused, while being challenged and having fun.
  • It’s fun to watch and do and can sometimes be hilarious, but it isn’t just about comedy. Scenes can explore all elements of life.
  • We’ll play with long and short form Improv, and we’ll explore both serious and comedic scenes and situations.
  • Our registrations are now being handled by Rekindle School. See dates and times and sign up now using the link below: