Need a break from it all? Our ONLINE ACTING CLASSES are now open for enrollment! Co-sponsored by Rekindle School. Current classes include:

VOICEOVER 101 – In this fun, focused online class, students will learn the fundamentals of voice acting ONLINE from a professional voiceover actor. More info – sign up now

LET’S MAKE A MOVIE – In this online film acting class, we’ll start out by meeting in “Zoom” for an orientation. After that, the instructor will write a script, and will work with students individually to film their parts on their cameras or other devices. Then the footage filmed by students will be edited into a movie with a professional musical score. Open for enrollment! More info – sign up now

ACTING IN COMMERCIALS – Interested in ACTING IN COMMERCIALS? This ONLINE ACTING CLASS, conducted using Zoom, will give you a better understanding of what’s involved, and help you develop both your auditioning and commercial acting skills. More info – sign up now

DEVELOPING AN ACTOR MONOLOGUE  Need a monologue that you can put online as a showcase for your acting skills? This ONLINE ACTING CLASS will cover branding, choosing a monologue to fit your brand, and more. Open for enrollment! More info – sign up now

More online acting classes will be scheduled soon

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