University of Washington campus

  • About half of our classes meet on the University of Washington campus, about five minutes from downtown Seattle. (Please scroll down to see the current list of classes held at the UW)
  • Class descriptions give general locations (part of town). The exact location (building and room number) will be emailed to you when you sign up, along with driving directions and parking information.
  • If you are signing up for a class, please wait about five minutes after signing for your confirmation email to arrive. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please contact us.

Other class locations include: 

  1. Acting 101: Sunday class – October [public_blurb product=’17388′]
  2. Acting 101: Sunday class – November [public_blurb product=’54085′]
  3. Acting 102: Sunday class [public_blurb product=’19285′]
  4. Acting 103 [public_blurb product=’102937′]
  5. Acting for the Camera [public_blurb product=’89852′]
  6. Acting With Emotion [public_blurb product=’117354′]
  7. Basic Makeup for Actors: Looking Good  [public_blurb product=’77775′]
  8. Auditioning [public_blurb product=’17407′]
  9. Acrylic Painting  [public_blurb product=’17486′]
  10. Acrylic Painting  [public_blurb product=’17487′]
  11. Calligraphy [public_blurb product=’96176′]
  12. Caricature for Beginners  [public_blurb product=’109237′]
  13. Cartooning 1-day workshop  [public_blurb product=’80941′]
  14. Cartooning 5-week class [public_blurb product=’17493′]
  15. Drawing for Absolute Beginners (5 week class) [public_blurb product=’75655′]
  16. Drawing Clothing and Drapery [public_blurb product=’17466′]
  17. Learn to Draw in a Day Sec. 1    [public_blurb product=’17433′]
  18. Learn to Draw in a Day sec. 2   [public_blurb product=’102624′]
  19. Mixed Media Collage [public_blurb product=’18473′]
  20. Let’s Make a Movie   [public_blurb product=’17396′]
  21. Photoshop  [public_blurb product=’80631′]
  22. Start Writing Your Novel  [public_blurb product=’17526′]
  23. Screenwriting 101  [public_blurb product=’17534′]
  24. Photoshop  [public_blurb product=’80631′]
  25. Screenwriting 101  [public_blurb product=’17534′]
  26. Writing Short Stories  [public_blurb product=’99359′]
  27. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy   [public_blurb product=’27725′]