Seattle Acting Classes: LET’S MAKE A HORROR MOVIE

In this class, we’ll make a short horror (seven minute) movie for a “horror film festival” — doing everything in just 48 hours! Then we’ll watch it in a Seattle theater!

  • We’ll have a meeting or two to meet each other and get oriented, then make the movie in a fun weekend of filming! (Most of the filming will be on Saturday.) (The editing will be done on Sunday.)
  • About two weeks later, our movie will play on a movie screen in a major Seattle theater (along with several other movies made in the fest.) A few weeks after that, there will be an awards ceremony at the theater for the winning films (which everyone can attend). Fun times!
  • Everyone in the class who wants to be in the movie, and shows up ready to be filmed, will be in it. A role will be written for everyone. Unless we get a sub-genre such as “silent movie” which can’t have dialogue, everyone will have a speaking role.