Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. 

He is the founder and current Director of Rekindle School, where he teaches classes in VISUAL, WRITTEN and PERFORMING ARTS.

He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a:

  • WRITER (short stories and screenplays)
  • ARTIST (media include pencil, ink, oils, acrylics and Photoshop)
  • TEACHER (both accredited and non-accredited courses classes in visual, written and performing arts)
  • ACTOR (stage and film roles)
  • FILMMAKER (Nils 

Nils’s WRITINGS (short stories, articles, stage plays, screenplays):

  • Nils’s short story collection, The Hungry Time, was published by Wonder Publishing in 1995, and is available on, or can be purchased here
  • His stage plays (Demea and The Ghost and Ms. Demure) have been produced in the Seattle Fringe Festivals, New City Theater Playwrights’s festivals and other venues.
  • He has also written scripts for comics and graphic novels, and has written and published articles and poems

Nils’s ARTWORK (fine and commercial)

  • As a visual artist, Nils has worked in media including charcoal, pencil, brush and ink, and acrylics
  • His realist and surrealist paintings have appeared on book and magazine covers
  • His drawings have appeared in books and magazines, illustrating covers and interiors
  • His comics and graphic novels have been published in the United States and Europe
  • His computer-generated artwork been featured in major newspapers and magazines.

Nils’s FILM and MOVIES (shorts and features)

  • Since becoming involved in filmmaking in 2001, Nils has produced over thirty shorts and two full length features (Xeros and Demea)
  • He currently has two full length features in post production  (Liberation: The Musical and Death Planet)
  • You can view his professional credits as a movie producer, director, cinematographer and screenwriter on IMDB (Internet Movie Database), here


  • Nils has developed and taught a series of classes over the last three decades.
  • He is the director of REKINDLE SCHOOL.
  • He is the creator of a nationally distributed educational video in Cartooning, published by Genie Guide and available in libraries throughout the United States.
  • His philosophy as a teacher is that everyone is creative. We all have an impulse to write, draw, paint and express ourselves in other ways, and it’s possible for everyone to learn. It may be true that creative expression comes more easily to some people, but training is more important than talent.  Good classes can make it possible for everyone to learn.
  • Nils values teaching at the Experimental College,, and similar programs, where the focus is on learning in a fun environment, without the pressure to students of worrying about grades.

To contact Nils, email (please make emails Attn: Nils)