Frequently Asked Questions!

“What’s your connection with Rekindle?”

We’ve had an affiliation with Rekindle School for years, and are part of the same “business umbrella.” They handle all of our enrollments. If you click on a link on our website for more information, you’ll be taken to their site to sign up.

So the easiest way to search for classes is to just pop over to their website by clicking here.

“Are you affiliated with the Experimental Colleges in other cities?” 

Since the Experimental College movement took hold back in the 1960s, there have been Experimental Colleges in many different cities in the United States, including Seattle.

Most follow a similar philosophy (offering affordable non-credit classes without tests or grades).  But each Experimental College, including ours, is independent.  There’s no affiliation between them.

“Will you be adding more classes in the future?” 

We’ve added several new classes over the past few years, and plan to add more in the future. 

Whether you’re student looking for classes we don’t offer yet (or with questions about our existing courses), or a teacher interested in proposing a class, feel free to contact us here.