Love improv?  Always wanted to try it? In our Seattle improv classes, you’ll laugh, play, focus and have fun while learning how to let go of failure and improvise spontaneously with other students. You’l learn how to create characters and scenes, listen, and respond creatively to improvisational offers. 

To find Improv classes in Seattle, click the titles below:

1. Improv 101: Introduction to Improvisational Theater (This is the class to start with if you’ve never done improv before) For more details, CLICK HERE

2. Improv 201: Intermediate (a fun follow-up to the Improv 101 class). 

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Improv is fun! And classes are a great way to learn.  In our first four week class (Improv 101), the focus will be on fluidity, i.e., finding the freedom to contribute anything you want to the scene.  You’ll learn the basics of improv: listening and hearing, “yes” and “yes and,” word associations; organic theater, being spontaneous verus preplanning, narrative storytelling, building characters, and much more.

CHAD4.1In the second four-week class (Improv 201: Intermediate level), you’ll learn to take what you’ve learned in the improv 101 class and add structure to it. You’ll learn how to mime objects and environments, how to explore human relationships using status and focus, how to be fully engaged on stage while not stealing attention from other performers.  Also in the second four week series, we’ll move on to scene work and Harolds.

Whether you’re wanting to explore improv just for fun, or have serious ambitions as a performer, the class will get you off to a terrific start.

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