Our IN-PERSON CLASSES are back! Held in Seattle, Washington

Need a break from it all? Our 2023 classes are now open for enrollment! Co-sponsored by Rekindle School.

  1. ACTING 101:  In this enjoyable introductory acting class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and perform scenes with other students.
  2. ACTING 102: “What’s my motivation?” How to start from a script, connect with your character’s goal and motivation, and bring the scene to life.
  3. ACTING 103: Learn how to create a range of different character types, find their individual ways of walking and speaking, and how to bring them to life in scenes from movies and plays.
  4. ACTING 104Our focus in this four week class will be on expanding each student’s emotional range.
  5. ACTING 105: In this course students will focus on improving their camera-acting skills 
  6. LET’S MAKE A MOVIE:  In this class we’ll create a short movie. Students can act in it or help out behind the scenes. 
  7. AUDITIONING WORKSHOP: How to audition and get the role. Learn about actor reels, headshots, types of auditions and more. 
  8. ACTING IN COMMERCIALS:  Learn to perform contemporary scripted, dialogue-free, improvised, and still photography commercials
  9. CARTOONING 101: Learn how to draw your own cartoon characters and finish them in ink –– then practice drawing some comic strips, comic books and graphic novels.
  10. DRAWING FACES AND PORTRAITS:  How to draw realistic faces from several angles, and get a good resemblance
  11. DRAWING FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: Anyone can learn how to draw. The guided, step by step exercises in this class will help.
  12. DRAWING IN COLORED PENCIL:– A beginning level class. Have fun exploring colors and shapes. We’ll draw flowers, trees, simple objects, and more.
  13. FIGURE DRAWING: Learn how to draw realistic human figures using an easy step-by-step method
  14. PAINTING 101: EXPLORING COLOR: You’ll learn how colors “work” and interact, and how to mix and blend colors to create a range of different impressions, moods and effects. 
  15. SCREENWRITING 101: Learn how to write screenplays, get some practice writing them, and have opportunities to workshop them and get feedback on your writing. Plus tips for pitching your screenplay and getting it produced.
  16. SCREENWRITING INTENSIVE:  For students who’ve completed the Screenwriting 101 class and learned the basics, and want to do a deep dive into writing a full length screenplay.
  19. VOICE OVER 101:  Learn the art and craft of voice acting (in commercials, games and animation)
  20. VOICE OVER 102:  For students who have taken Rekindle’s Voice Over 101 class and would like to continue learning.
  21. VOICE OVER 103:  For those who’ve completed VO 101 and 102
  22. VOICE OVER 104:  For students who have taken Rekindle’s Voice Over 101, 102 and 103 classes and would like to continue learning.
  23. VOICE OVER WEBINAR 1: CAREERS:  Learn about the types of Voice Over acting, and the training, equipment, and marketing materials expected of a professional voice talent
  24. VOICE OVER WEBINAR 2: HOME STUDIO BASICS:  How to set up a home studio inexpensively that will meet your needs as a voice over actor
  25. VOICE OVER WEBINAR 3: SELF-MARKETING FOR VOICE OVER ACTORS: An interactive webinar to answer all of your VO Marketing questions.
  26. WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: will be back soon
  27. WRITING SHORT STORIESwill be back soon

Important Note:

    • The Seattle Experimental College is affiliated with Rekindle School, which processes our enrollments.
    • So the links on our website will take you to the Rekindle School website when it’s time to sign up.
    • Some of our classes meet on the University of Washington campus. But we are an independent program, not part of the U.W.
    • Classes open for enrollement


About the Experimental College

The Seattle Experimental College is an independent educational program offering enjoyable non-credit classes in a wide range of different topics.

Most of our classes meet on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

We offer dozens of classes in topics including drawing and painting, cartooning, acrylics, watercolor, film acting, stage acting, filmmaking, voice acting, collage, and many more.



Frequently Asked Questions!

“What’s your connection with Rekindle?”

We’ve had an affiliation with Rekindle School for years, and are part of the same “business umbrella.” They handle all of our enrollments. If you click on a link on our website for more information, you’ll be taken to their site to sign up.

So the easiest way to search for classes is to just pop over to their website by clicking here.

“Are you affiliated with the Experimental Colleges in other cities?” 

Since the Experimental College movement took hold back in the 1960s, there have been Experimental Colleges in many different cities in the United States, including Seattle.

Most follow a similar philosophy (offering affordable non-credit classes without tests or grades).  But each Experimental College, including ours, is independent.  There’s no affiliation between them.

“Will you be adding more classes in the future?” 

We’ve added several new classes over the past few years, and plan to add more in the future. 

Whether you’re student looking for classes we don’t offer yet (or with questions about our existing courses), or a teacher interested in proposing a class, feel free to contact us here.