Frequently asked questions!

“Where do your classes meet?”

More than half of them meet on the University of Washington campus (Seattle branch). Others meet in Phinney Neighborhood Center, Greenwood Senior Center, and other community centers around the greater Seattle area.  

“Is your program a part of the University of Washington?”

No. Some classes do meet on the U.W. campus. But we have always been a separate, independent school. 

“What’s your connection with Rekindle School?”

We’re part of the same “business umbrella as Rekindle School. They handle our enrollments. If you click on a link for more information, you’ll be taken to their website to sign up. You can see the same classes on our website, or on theirs.

“Are you affiliated with the Experimental Colleges in other cities?” 

Since the Experimental College movement took hold back in the 1960s, there have been Experimental Colleges in many different cities in the United States, including Seattle. Most follow a similar philosophy (offering affordable non-credit classes without tests or grades).  But each Experimental College, including ours, is independent.  There’s no business or other affiliation between them.

Wasn’t there another Experimental College in Seattle, years ago?

Yes. Seattle’s first Experimental College was established back in 1968. When it closed, our program was set up. We’re proud to follow in the same Experimental College tradition, and continue offering many of the classes that were offered by the original E.C.

“Will you be adding more classes in the future?” 

We’ve added several new classes over the past few years, and plan to add more in the future. If you’re a teacher interested in proposing a class, feel free to contact us.

We’d be happy to take a look at your course and consider including it. See teaching through our program.