Welcome to the New Seattle Experimental College!

The New Seattle Experimental College is an independent educational program offering enjoyable non-credit classes in a wide range of different topics, in the greater Seattle area. Our URL is 123classes.com.

We offer over forty classes in topics including drawing and painting, cartooning, acrylics, watercolor, film acting, stage acting, filmmaking, voice acting, collage, and many more.  

Some New Seattle Experimental College classes meet on the University of Washington campus. Others classes meet in Phinney Neighborhood Center, Greenwood Senior Center, and other community centers around greater Seattle area.  To start exploring our classes, please click here. 

About our program

The New Seattle Experimental College is part of the same “business umbrella” as Rekindle School. Some links will take you to the Rekindle School website for more information. You can sign up for the classes either on our website or on theirs.

To see upcoming classes and workshops on our website, classes, click here.  To see them on the Rekindle School website, click here. 

Frequently asked questions!

“Are you affiliated with the Experimental Colleges in other cities?” 

Since the Experimental College movement took hold back in the 1960s, there have been Experimental Colleges in many different cities in the United States. Some are private. Others have been affiliated with colleges or universities. Most follow a similar philosophy (offering affordable non-credit classes without tests or grades).  But each of them, including ours, is independent. There’s no affiliation between them.

“Wasn’t there another Experimental College in Seattle, in the old days? Are you a part of their program? Or vise versa?”

There was an Experimental College years ago, which was run by the ASUW. Our program was established after the ASUW’s Experimental College was dissolved as a business entity, and is a separate school, carrying on the tradition of offering affordable non-credit classes in the Pacific Northwest. 

“Is your program affiliated with the University of Washington?”

We hold some of our classes on the U.W. campus.  But we are not a part of the U.W. or affiliated with them. We’re a completely independent school.

“Will you be adding more classes in the future?” 

We definitely plan to. If you’re a teacher interested in proposing a class, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to take a look at your course and consider including it. See teaching through our program.